Peaberry V2 with WSPR

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Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby uv199 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:37 am

I have had some success using WSPR on the 60M and 30M bands, no problems receiving weak signals and some success being heard by other stations. Given a good SWR and considering WSPR transmits 100% duty cycle for two solid minutes can the driver transistors take it? They get very hot. Currently I have the case top off and a fan blowing across to help cool the transistors.
I would like to run this with the case top on. Any comments or experience from anyone in the forum is much appreciated.

Paul N3FTL
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Re: Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby AE9RB » Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:47 am

If you're having problems with overheating in a custom case, look at the pictures of my acrylic case and make sure you have similar sized vent holes. You do not need a fan.
73 David AE9RB
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Re: Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby hansvi » Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:31 am

I have been trying to get WSPR to work using Debian Linux, but without success.
I was wondering how you got it to work... I don't see a waterfall but that's an audio problem and probably linux-specific, but WSPR uses Hamlib, and I don't see support for the Peaberry in the list.

In fact, I just patched the hamlib debian package to add support for the peaberry (6 hours of figuring out how to use debuild, quilt and other fine debian build-tools :shock: ). It is based on the code from usbsoftrock, so it searched for a specific vendor and product name, which doesn't work out for the peaberry. I checked and the latest code still does that as far as I see (both the parameters are still set).

I'll see if I can send the patch to hamlib itself. It would be nice to have peaberry listed there.
Hans - ON8VQ
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Re: Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby hansvi » Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:38 am

Alright, I have WSPR up and running under linux. But it wasn't trivial:

First, I had to patch hamlib to support Peaberry (I posted the patch in a dedicated post for easier finding/referencing)
Then, I had to patch WSPR to show the Peaberry radios in the dropdown box, and to correctly interface with hamlib (there were some special conditions 'if rignr=2509' (i.e. if it's a softrock), I had to extend those for the new Peaberry rig numbers).
Finally, I had to make a virtual audio card so that WSPR could open it using plughw. (I wrote an article describing audio on linux while WSPR was running in the background).

It's the first time I've used WSPR, it really a fun little mode and the Peaberry V2 is in my eyes ideal for this. Transmitting on a G5RV antenna on 30m, the longest distance I have gotten tonight was 7329 km (4554 miles according to google), spotted by W3HH.

Hans - ON8VQ
Hans - ON8VQ
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Re: Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby Don Obe » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:49 am

Hi all,
I have just got my Peaberry up and running.
As I have been using Softrock Ensemble and FA-SDR it was tempting to pretend the Pea was a Softrock and just let it run directly on WSPR 3.0.

Here is how it looks: ... .26.27.png

This was on WinXP, will try it on some of my Ubuntu Linux as well.

I have gone some steps further:
Here is my setup for using HDSDR with WSPR-X using "Virtual Cables": ... .43.36.png

and it was also possible to include Fldigi so I can run WSPR and decode PSK or RTTY simultaneously. ... .53.09.png

Jon Ove, la3jj
Don Obe
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Re: Peaberry V2 with WSPR

Postby Romance1999 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:51 am

Currently I have the case top off and a fan blowing across to help cool the transistors.
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