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peaberrycw with QT5.5

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:25 pm
by ks1h
My Lenovo laptop has an Intel 945 GMA that is not OpenGL2.0 compatible. As a result when I tried to run peaberrycw, it would have a blank spectrum, although it would work OK otherwise. The latest version 5.5 of QT has the ability to switch how OpenGL is handled without rebuilding peaberrycw (see One sets an environmental variable QT_OPENGL to one of three values: desktop, angle, or software. "desktop" uses full OpenGL and is the preferred mode if the hardware will support it. "angle" tries to convert OpenGL calls to Directx, and "software" does a software emulation of OpenGL (no hardware acceleration). When I tried "desktop", I got the blank spectrum as I had previously. I couldn't get the "angle" option to work; peaberrycw would crash soon after starting. The "software" option worked but consumed >100% of the cpu time and I was losing some of the audio. In the end, I have given up on this laptop since even with the "desktop" option, the computer was using >60% of the cpu time. I am now back to a desktop computer for my ham radio work (and peaberrycw with the "desktop" option works OK). I have made some modifications to peaberrycw to get a frequency scale and plan to add a SPOT control to make it easier to tune things up.

73, Ken KS1H