Mic gain is clipping.

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Mic gain is clipping.

Postby KD31 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:37 am

I have a 10-17m Peaberry running HDSDR on Windows 8. Everything seems to be working fine... almost. I am having an issue with the mic gain from any microphone I try. Audio reports from anyone I talk to are all saying the same thing, "your audio sounds like it's popping or scratchy" or "it sounds a bit warbly".

During transmit in any mode with my mic gain set to about half way on the slider, The audio from the mic is "clipping" and the ALC in HDSDR automatically reduces the mic gain down to about 10% before the "red-lining or clipping" goes away. This is making my transmit audio very low. It does clean it up but it makes my audio almost unreadable. If I lock the mic gain level slider in HDSDR so it stays where I want it, the audio sounds terrible because it's clipping. I have an audio sampler port in my antenna feed line and I can hear exactly whats going on and I can also see the low modulation in an O-scope. If I reduce the mic volume level in windows and turn up the mic gain in HDSDR I get the same result.

I have tried every setting I can find in both Windows and HDSDR and I cannot find a solution. I think it's a software problem, but is it possible the audio chip on the Peaberry is at fault ?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide. 73's
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Re: Mic gain is clipping.

Postby W4MMP » Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:47 am

HDSDR is fine with audio that is at a fixed volume such as most digital application but is not very good with managing audio that fluctuates greatly (like human voice). You definitely need a front end speech processor.

You can try this: http://dxatlas.com/VShaper/ or http://www.romacsoftware.com/ .
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