Still struggling [fixed]

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Still struggling [fixed]

Postby pilotcfii » Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:16 pm

I am a life long tech guy. I retired as a SW engineer, and have good (not great) knowledge of hardware. Still this Peaberry is making me feel totally inadequate. Ok - enough rant, as I am probably just missing something simple.

I have HRD 6.2 set up to connect to a Kenwood TS-50S. Connections are through HDSDR via virtual audio cables (vac 1 & 2), and virtual COM ports (COM19 & 20). With everything on, I can use DM780 to toggle Tx and send a signal that shows up on HDSDR, but does not cause any power out. Nor do I see any Rx signals. Last night I could see power out on the wattmeter (into a dummy load) and receive a PSK31 signal on my ICOM 706MKIIG. Today nothing but the setup is the same. If I connect to an antenna I see no signals even though the same antenna connected to my ICOM sees a few (the band is poor this morning). I used frequency 14.070Mhz for all of the Tx/Rx operations.

One more piece of the puzzle. Davids very good CW program toggles Tx/Rx and I see good power out into a dummy load, and through an Elecraft T1 tuner to an inverted V. Obviously the Peaberry Tx is working correctly.

So why this morning can I not Tx and not receive either. I have been able to do this in the past and found the V2 to be a very good receiver.

Addendum March 3rd:
Fixed the problem. Turns out a piece of RG8x went bad on me. Now I receive fine.
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