Low RF Output

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Low RF Output

Postby KD8IGK » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:02 pm

Hi, I have been using a pair of Peaberry's covering 15M-80M for the last year and have enjoyed them immensely. I have been using my 40-60-75-80M unit a lot more than my other 15-17-20-30M unit. Yesterday afternoon I fired up the 15-30M unit and while RX works fine, I now get very low power out. I use these units feeding a Hardrock 50 so I know I am getting a very small amount of power which drives the Hardrock 50 to give me about 3-5 watts out so some RF is present, but not very much. The 40-80 unit is working great, so no problem there using PWSDR. I have eliminated the software from the list of possible causes.

I do not own an oscilloscope and all I have is a DMM. Does anyone have any suggestions on trouble shooting the component that might be bad? I have tested the Hardrock 50 on all bands with 3 watts from my regular ICOM radio and the Hardrock 50 is not the cause, because I get full power out of the Hardrock 50 on every band. I do not have meters that can measure less than .5 watts so I cannot tell how much power it is generating.
Any tips would be appreciated.

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Re: Low RF Output

Postby W4MMP » Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:03 am

Hello Bill,
Have you made any progress with the low output issue? It appears to me that one or both of PA Mosfets may have failed. Let us know where you stand. I will come back to this thread and give a few voltage reference points to examine.
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