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RTL-SDR integration as aux function add on.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:56 pm
by N2TOH
I'm interested in the use of multiple SDR radios at the same time, at this time it's the use of an RTL-SDR tuners along with the peaberry connected to the same computing device. My plan is for the use of the RTL tuner as a band monitor to find openings on bands not currently in use. for example if your working 20 meters, and it's during a transitional part of the day the aux tuner can be used to monitor for band openings by decoding signals while you work that last of the current band.

eventually it will become desirable to work seamlessly between the HF bands, with the ability to start a new QSO just as one is concluding. many of you already know that as few as three peaberry radio boards can be used to cover all the bands between 1.8 and 29.7Mhz. the hardware to implement this is already available, now it's know a matter of mindset and software to support such an operating practice.