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Quisk Config

PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:46 pm
by W4MMP
I am attempting to get Quisk working with my Peaberrys. Try as I might I can't get it working. Here is the config I am using and for sure I have something wrong with it.
Quisk is reporting: No permission to access the SoftRock USB interface. While that error under Linux is common and an easy fix, I just can't figure out why this is happening with Win 7 or what the fix is.
BTW: I have two Peaberrys attached to the same computer.

Ron / W4MMP

# This is a sample configuration file for Microsoft Windows.

# For Windows, your default config file name is "My Documents/",
# but you can use a different config file by using -c or --config. Quisk creates
# an initial default config file if there is none. To control Quisk, edit
# "My Documents/" using any text editor; for example WordPad (not Notepad).

# In Windows you can see what sound devices you have, and you can set the Primary
# Device for capture and playback by using Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices.
# If you have only one sound device, it should be set as "Primary". If you have
# several, find the names by using Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices; for
# example, you may have "SoundMAX HD Audio" in the list for "Sound playback" and
# "Sound recording". To specify this device for capture (recording) or playback,
# enter a unique part of its name using exact upper/lower case. For example:
# name_of_sound_capture = "SoundMAX"
# name_of_sound_play = "SoundMAX"

# There are many possible options for your config file. Copy the ones you want
# from the master file (but don't change the master file).
# The master config file is located in the site-packages/quisk folder for Python 2.7.

# This file is Python code and the comment character is "#". To ignore a line,
# start it with "#". To un-ignore a line, remove the "#". Generally you must start
# lines in column one (the left edge) except for logic blocks.

from softrock import hardware_usb_new as quisk_hardware
from softrock import widgets_tx as quisk_widgets

softrock_model = "RxTxEnsemble"
si570_direct_control = True
#si570_xtal_freq = 114211833
si570_i2c_address = 0x55
#si570_i2c_address = 0x70

sample_rate = 96000
playback_rate = 48000
name_of_sound_capt = "Peaberry - B"
name_of_sound_play = "Primary"
channel_i = 0
channel_q = 1

usb_vendor_id = 0x16c0
usb_product_id = 0x05dc

#key_poll_msec = 5
#key_hang_time = 0.7

# Microphone:
#microphone_name = name_of_sound_play # Name of microphone capture device
#name_of_mic_play = name_of_sound_capt # Name of play device if CW or mic I/Q is sent to a sound card
#mic_playback_rate = sample_rate # Playback rate for microphone
#mic_out_volume = 0.6 # Transmit sound output volume (after all processing) as a fraction 0.0 to 1.0

latency_millisecs = 50 # latency time in milliseconds

# Select the default screen when Quisk starts:
default_screen = 'Graph'
#default_screen = 'WFall'