Connecting your rig to your Peaberry v2

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Connecting your rig to your Peaberry v2

Postby ns7eart » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:22 pm

I tested it works on the FT-920 also but slower due to the 4800 baud

I turned on my HRD log program then started HDSDR and turned on my ic-756 all looked great a switch between the Peabody v2 and the antenna to be able to use the IC 756 as TRANSMIT and the Peaberry as the receiver.
That is when I noticed the Peaberry HDSDR was on the same freq as the Icom. And when I tuned the Icom the HDSDR tracked every move including band switching . I now have the pan adapter I wanted.
Then I used the HDSDR AND THE IC-756 TRACKED !
I remember trying to activating a connection to HRD yesterday from within HDSDR , the HRD program communicates over its USB connection and must be coupling the two together!!!! WOW THIS WAS AMAZING , I had been trying to get a DBV+ dingle to my ft-920 to do this by adding isolation opp-amp to the IF stage in the rig wiring out coax to the computer dingle but could not find the .DLL to make it happen? Finally ready to give up on it , and then
This happened and all by itself hi hi .

I hope you have a lot of fun with this

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