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Postby to_vinca » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:42 pm

It has taken a few years(!) to acquire the equivalent of a Peaberry SDR, get a ham license, and then do the software experiment, but, finally, here it is:

FYI, as I understand it, the multus-proficio sdr is a derivative of a Peaberry, using usb control and audio i/o that is identical in all essential respects. The hardware appears to be an incremental advance; currently available chips and additional capabilities. Therefore, I believe the code should also work with an original Peaberry, without modification except maybe for device/supplier names compiled into the usbsoftrock utility. With the multus-proficio hardware, it is working nicely in Ubuntu/linux 14.04 with HDSDR running in WINE, both in voice mode and with native Linux versions of fldigi and wsjt-x for digital modes. I've found wsjt-x a little temperamental to initialize with linux pulse-audio; it seems to require being kicked with the TUNE button a couple of times before it finally finds the TX loopback device right after start-up, but is then OK (It's amazing how far 5 watts can go in JT65). Fldigi, otoh, fires right up and works every time.

If anyone is interested in tinkering with this, please let me know. I am happy to share.

Bruce, AG5GT
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