How do I test the transmitter?

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How do I test the transmitter?

Postby k1fm » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:10 am


I have purchased a pre-owned Peaberry and I need to know if the transmitter is working or not. I see that the receiver works perfectly but I am not sure if the trasmitter is in good order.

So far I tested with:

HDSDR 2.51 - TX triggered with the spacebar. RX Input Peaberry Radio, TX Output Peaberry Radio, TX Input Peaberry Audio. In SSB I can see the audio being modulated but no RF coming out. In AM/CW I see the carrier in the software but again no RF.

CFGSR - Under the test tab I click PTT. The P1/PTT led goes green but no RF from the radio.

PowerSDR 1.90, 2.00, 2.44 - The CW paddle works in both CW and SSB (as a PTT). The software appears to be transmitting, even the power meter on the upper right reads some (wrong) value however there is no real RF being produced.

In a previous thread you said you use HDSDR as your test bench. How is this test bench exactly configured? Is there a way to just trigger the TX and measure some power output?


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Re: How do I test the transmitter?

Postby AE9RB » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:18 am

It seems like you have the software set up correctly. Software is needed to generate to signals to transmit. Use the block diagram and schematic to trace the signal through its stages. It's generally easiest to do this with AM with a mic disconnected so you can trace a clean carrier. When you find the first stage where carrier is lost, you'll know about where to look for the fault. If it's in the stage with the BS170s then you'll want to replace all three since they probably burnt out due to a long transmission with poor SWR.
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Re: How do I test the transmitter?

Postby mkatz » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:22 pm

Hey guys

Receiver works great but transmitter doesn't put out signal. Modulation good but no indicated RF. I am using HDSDR and it seems to be set up correctly for TX.

I am going to take David's advice and trace my signal. However, I have no experience doing this.

I have an RF probe / multimeter, the schematic and the block diagram.

Where do you take the readings? I don't want to short anything.

Marc, WB2MSC
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