Assembly help - step 17-18

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Assembly help - step 17-18

Postby kb3vuk » Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:17 pm


Any help would be appreciated

I am not getting the positive test indicators from step 17-18 - Si570, DelSig, an Quad Op amp. Up until this point everything else looks to be in working order - I get good 3.3 and 5V,can see my voice on Q3, and have gotten the USB devices recognized. U11 and U10 came pre-soldered.

These are the symptoms:

- No signal on pads 2 and 14 of U6. should see 2.5V and 14Mhz 5vpp. I see 0V with my scope ( these would be pins QSD_0/1 )
- Should be able to use the peaberry as sound out device. I connected a set of headphones but could not get any audio out

Where I suspect the problem may be:

- Some solder climbed the side of the si570 and shorted pin 6 ( Vcc ) to GND, I cleared that fault however in doing so subjected the Si570 to a significant amount of heat.
- I have checked all my connections with tired and fresh eyes, all the joints look good
- Taking a closer look at the si570, I see the following voltages - Pin1 3.3V, pin2 3.3V, pin3 0V, pin4 1.5V @ 52.2Hz, pin5 0V, pin6 Vcc, pin7 3.3V
- The data sheet for the Si570 lists pins 1 as NC and the schematic lists 1 and 2 as NC, should these pins read 3.3V?!?!
- Did I fry the 570??

***** Edit ******

- Of course right after posting this....
- after retouching pretty much every solder joint
- after staring at it and contemplating the meaning of life.....the behavior of the device changes
- now on pads 2 and 14 of U6 i see a 500mvP-P waveform with a 2.5V DC offset ( the Make page says 5V p-p??? )
- On a frequency counter I get 14.08Mhz on pads 2 and 14
- pin 4 of the si570 now reads 56.319Mhz
- PowerSDR, when start is pressed shows some life, I can tune and there looks to be a noise floor now
- life is good?

**** Edit 2 *****

- figured it out, in order to get the signal on 2 and 14 the USB has to be connected ( "working" condition did not survive power cycle, had to connect USB to get signal again )
- was this the problem all along? I had tested this before with the USB connected and drivers installed
- Something changed, before I could control the volume level of the PeaberryRadio device in sound control panel when I select it as the primary out ( controls are grayed out )
- PowerSDR start button does something now... perhaps there was a bad solder joint someplace... maybe I willed it to work? who knows... ONWARD!!


- Jon
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Re: Assembly help - step 17-18

Postby bfahle » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:41 pm

At this point for me, I found I had no extra sound cards installed, and thus couldn't play music through the peaberry. So, I looked in the device manager and found that there was a libusb-win32 device with someone's callsign as the name of the device: Bxxxx-is2 or something like that. I had downloaded the peaberry drivers from github as instructed, but there was no way to install them; the installer kept telling me there were no soundcard drivers in that folder that knew anything about win32 (running win7-32 bit). So, I uninstalled the libusb-win32 device, and it promptly reinstalled it. So finally, I uninstalled it and checked the box to have it delete the drivers for that device, and it finally installed from the peaberry drivers. I now have a working soundcard (I put iPod earbuds into the spkr jack and got fine audio; no need for amplified speakers), and have completed part 1 of 2 on the final receiver build. I should be able to test tonight!
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Re: Assembly help - step 17-18

Postby bfahle » Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:03 pm

Just a follow-up, receiver is working, received WWV at 10000.8, so I need to calibrate, but other than that fb.
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